Quality & safety
When you entrust your project to us, you can be sure of a serious approach.
Zecchin Alberto s.r.l.’s high level of reliability is underpinned by the safety legislation to which we adhere:
• Two separate hoods process toxic/harmful and regular fusion fumes separately in order to avoid fires
• Steel piping with internal flanges which, in the case of fire, block the passage of the flames between the various departments
• Fire resistant doors
• Fire protection systems and anti-gas sensors
Our high quality standards, our production efficiency and our advanced technology make Zecchin Alberto s.r.l. the best choice for a big brand looking for complete privacy and a serious approach, who need rapid execution and does not want to compromise on an ultra-high quality product, where every piece of high class jewellery and every watch are identical to the initial prototype: jewellery and watches fit for the most spectacular window displays and worn by some of the world’s most influential and well known individuals.
Zecchin Alberto s.r.l. use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure optimum quality and absolute precision: our skilled craftsmanship is supported by high precision microscopes, laser-operated machines, digital technology and belt furnaces, all coordinated by a team of expert goldsmiths who ensure compliance with our quality standards in every phase of the production process.
In order to offer our clients guaranteed precision and complete monitoring of the production process, we have a team of dedicated personnel responsible for drawing up our internal technical specifications which list all of the production phases for each piece (weight check, waste check, porosity check), and every goldsmith or stone setter is personally responsible for the piece with which they are charged.