An exclusive partner of top international brands.
A career based upon the utmost respect, earned by Alberto Zecchin, setter of precious stones and renowned engraver for over 30 years. Alberto commenced and built upon his own experience with Valenza’s best known goldsmith laboratories, crafting over the years a huge range of unprecedented pieces (such as Pertini’s pipe and Ivan Lendl’s racquet), and unique objects, the winners of prizes and recognition in top international publications.
At the end of the nineties, Alberto set himself a challenge, opening Zecchin Alberto s.r.l. and immediately winning the trust of renowned Italian jewellers, become the supplier par excellence of many large global brands.
Now he manages a team of 22 goldsmiths and stone setters who every day, under Alberto’s guidance, express their art and create jewellery and watches for the finest international labels, skilfully combining craftsmanship with new technologies (high precision microscopes, laser-operated machines, digital technology, belt furnaces, and much more) , in an evolutionary and innovative process which changes and evolves every day.