Production cycle
A serious approach, reliability and production quality guaranteed.
During the pre-production phase, skilled and highly qualified personnel check the client’s technical specifications, inspecting every individual element which will make up the piece (gold, weights, stones, part-finished products). They also make sure that the stones are exactly the right size and quality to meet the client’s technical requirements.
The piece then commences its initial production phase in the capable hands of our team of goldsmiths. The goldsmiths prepare and assemble the pieces, and complete the pre-cleaning as necessary, either mechanically using needles or by hand, according to the technical specifications. We then move on to the main production phase: the setting of the stones. We carefully select the type of setting for every individual piece, in order to ensure the use of the most appropriate and suitable processes for the jewellery or the watch in question, so that we can be confident of guaranteeing all of our clients exemplary quality results.

The production process ends with a final cleaning process, followed by rhodium plating or burnishing where necessary. The item of jewellery or watch then undergoes the final checking stage (to ensure the piece is free of blemishes or pores), the setting of every single stone is also checked, along with the integrity of the same and the security of the granettes. At the same time, we also assess the time spent on the completion of the production processes for each piece, in order to optimise and speed up the cycle as a whole.
For any checks or disputes at the time of production or at a later date, every internal schedule is archived along with the documentation provided by the client. Every new model or prototype is protected by a signed confidentiality agreement, in order to ensure total product privacy and confidentially for brand clients. The final process in the production cycle, once all checks and inspections are complete, is the delivery of the product in sealed, vacuum packed envelopes, which can be handled without leaving any print.
We can therefore ship our pieces all over the world, safe in the knowledge that our goods will remain fully protected until their arrival with the dealer or the private client who has purchased them.
Control and division stones
Oven and welding
Stone Setting
Laser engraving
Cleanup and rhodium